Green Deal

Green Deal

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The Green Deal is a government initiative which supports a move towards energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions, by providing financial help towards the improvements.  

As part of the Green Deal initiative, Birmingham Energy Savers can conduct an energy assessment of your home to identify which improvements may reduce your energy bills and make your home more energy efficient. Examples of some common energy efficiency improvements include but are not limited to a new boiler, and insulation for the roof and walls (this can be either internal or external depending on your property type).

The process begins by booking an assessment with one of our Green Deal-approved assessors. There is no obligation to commit to anything at this stage. The assessor will recommend the most appropriate improvements to make your home more energy efficient making it easier and cheaper to heat.

The assessor will also explain whether the improvements meet the 'Golden Rule,' and are eligible for a Green Deal plan.

The Golden Rule

Most Green Deal improvements are expected to reduce your heating bill because you will be using less electricity, gas or oil. In fact, for a measure to qualify for Green Deal finance, the expected financial savings created by the improvement must be greater than the costs attached to the energy bill. This is known as the 'Golden Rule' and means your repayments should never exceed the savings you make on your energy bills, however the 'Golden Rule' is not a guarantee that your bill savings will match your loan repayments. It is based on estimates of your household's typical energy usage and does not take into account energy price rises.

Your Green Deal Assessor will also explore whether you are eligible for any other financial assistance, including the Green Deal Cash Back Scheme. You are still under no obligation to go ahead with any of the suggested improvements.

Getting Your Improvements

Your Green Deal Assessment will result in an Energy Performance Certificate giving the energy rating of your home and an occupancy assessment which looks at how you use your energy. You will then be sent the results of this along with a Green Deal Advice Report, giving recommendations on the improvements which could save you energy (and money) under a Green Deal. From this Green Deal Advice Report you can select which (if any) of the improvements you would like to go ahead with and we can arrange a Technical Survey to confirm installation details and a final price for the works. Following your Technical Survey we will send your Green Deal Plan which will detail the improvements to be made, the finance and terms and conditions of the work. Once this has been agreed between both parties installation can take place and you can begin to enjoy a warmer, more energy efficient home.

The Green Deal is unique in that the loan is attached to your home, not to you, so if you move house the new owner takes on the repayments as part of their electricity bill until the loan ends.

Contacting BES

Call us on 0800 917 5772 or email us at to book your energy assessment and find out how Green Deal can help you. Or complete the form on this link to pre-submit your information so that we do not have to ask you so many questions over the phone.

Further Information

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